Carolina Landing RV Park

Today’s news  

Carolina Landing RV 

 Hello everyone, Shon here and we are camping at Carolina Landing located at 120 Carolina Landing Dr. Fair Play, SC. It was a short 1 hour and 44 minutes from home but so of the best getaways are short trips.

The section next to the pool seems to be the best location as far as flat and even sites. For the rest of the Park, the sites and roads are in a rough state. The quiet time is 11pm until 7am. I must say it is nice and quite right now and it is a beautiful night outside.

There is a a beach area, a dock, and you can tie or anchor your boat in this area. The water level is really low as of today. The Beach area is not very well cared for. There is trash around the dock and in the Beach area.

I don’t think we will come back to this Park, but who knows we may find our way back for another short trip.

We did find the time to work on the tile in the kitchen. We hope to have it done soon.

Working on the tile.

A little fishing is always good. Even though the water level was really low.


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