Trawler or Sailboat

Research and more research…  I have been researching everyday for the last few months.  I have looked at thousands of boats trying to figure out what is best for us.  I love the idea of a sailboat.  I think a sailboat is sexy and there is a passion that is involved about sailing.  A sailboat is fuel efficient plus when there is wind, there is no need to run the engine, but you lose a lot of space.  The famous Trawler, with its spacious interior and nice outdoor space you have plenty of room for living but if you want to get any where you will have to run the engine all the time.

Right now it is coming down to us needing space.  Our plans are to travel along the east coast for now, so the Trawler will be fine on fuel.  I think we can handle the Trawler with easy.

Happy Cruising and Sailing to all…

Lots of Love

Cruising Lady Blair



  1. Trawlers are definitely roomy!Have you looked at Catamarans…they have more room than most sailboats and if you get sailing Cat you’ve got the best of both worlds..Initally I wasn’t sold on the Catamaran…we actually down sized from a 36ft Searay to a 30 ft Sailing Cat, it works for us. Love reading your blog excited to follow your adventure!

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