Romantic or Not

I found this quote this morning.  I believe in romance, love at first sight.  Holly and I have been together for 10 years now and I can still make her giggle and feel shy like a high school girl.  From the first time we hung out, I was hooked.  I feel in love with everything about her.  I am her biggest fan and hold her above the clouds….  I believe that living aboard a boat is going to be so romantic and yes I know there is going to be some bad days until we figure it all out, but we will do it together.

“Yes. And no. The good can be really good – and peaceful and romantic. The sunsets and surroundings can be like a slice of heaven. The gentle rocking (in a well-protected marina) can be magnificent. I love the rain on the water and on the sunny days sitting on my comfy beach chair on the dock drinking a beer, wine or drinks with my neighbors. I can change marinas whenever I want. And my friends love to come over.”


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