GoPro and IPHONE 7Plus

Today was a great day. We got some of the items on our checklist done and eat some great food. 

We picked up a GoPro 5 for all of our video recording and life adventures that we are about to share with the world. We also got a few attachments to go along with it. We are almost set to start recording. Just need to look into some software for video editing.  I will post a link later for the GoPro 5 so if you want to pick one up you can do so. The Hero 4 is on our Affiliate Products Page if would like one of those. They are a little less expensive. 

We had to make a quick stop at AT&T to change out our phones. Well it was not so quick lol, we was there for 3 hours. We now have a pair of 7 pluses and one 6 plus all with #lifeproof Cases. This is just in case we want to get a under water shot with our phone or it gets dropped in the water lol. 

Thank you for following us and reading our blog. Stay tuned for more to come as we start the move fro land to water.  Cruising Lady Blair


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